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Guardian long icon background.png
Guardian Zai icon long.png
Japanese name ザイ
Class B
Race Skill icon Soul.png Soul
Base xp Cannot be fed
Release date September 21, 2017

Zai (ザイ) is a B class soul guardian.


  • Kukurakan's default Guardian. Starts at level 8.

Union Rewards

Union Rewards
Guardian icon background.png
Companion Wall Tattoo 2% icon.png
Wall Tattoo +2%
Guardian icon background.png
Equipment Shichi-shitou icon.png

Base Form

Guardian Zai.png
Element N/A
Job Skill icon Warrior.png Warrior
Sell value Cannot be sold
Skill icon 212.png Megaslash, 100%
Mega (Unlocks at level 1)
Inflicts a small amount of physical damage.
Skill icon 138.png [F] Fire Trap, Field
(Unlocks at level 1)
Creates a Fire floor trap.
Skill icon 93.png [F] Re-Act Attack, Field
(Unlocks at level 1)
Allows the party to move again and attach to enemies. Enemies take damage afterward.


Holds Kukurakan's soul. The recognition it seeks has been elusive thus far.

Skill details

Lv Skill Effects Target Condition Class
1 Skill icon 212.png Megaslash Inflict x1 physical damage.
"Inflicts a small amount of physical damage."
Pincer Pincer (100%) Mega
1 Skill icon 138.png [F] Fire Trap "Creates a Fire floor trap." Trap (2) Field (100%)
1 Skill icon 93.png [F] Re-Act Attack "Allows the party to move again and attach to enemies. Enemies take damage afterward." Field Field (100%)