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Un Store screen

The Un Store is a place in the World Map where things can be purchased using Un Coins. It becomes available after Chapter 2 is cleared.

Stores restock goods at different times based on their availability. Goods available for one day are restocked every day at 1 PM PT. Goods available for one week are restocked every Sunday at 1 PM PT.


Greetin's, traveler. Most people call me Big Mama, but you can call me Un. Welcome to my store. Here I sell the rare gems that my sons bring back from their expeditions. Seein' as how these are the pick of the litter, you'll understand that discounts are off the table. They're family treasures... I can't just go and give 'em away, now can I? Anyway, go ahead and take a gander. We've got somethin' for everyone here.


Product Stock Un Coins required
Headband 650
Bronze Helm 700
Cotton Robe 500
Bronze Armor 500
Longsword 550
Bronze Bow 500
Bronze Lance 500
Tonbo 550
Dagger 500
Oak Staff 600
Scampy +10% 1000
HP Earrings 2 500
Anti-Fire Charm +2% 600
+2% Fire Attack 700
Anti-Earth Charm +2% 600
+2% Earth Attack 700
Mega Potion 100
Mega Ether 200
Squirrel Capsule 100
Offense Drink 200
Skill Bread 10 1000
Re-Act Boots 3/day 1000
Re-Act Attack Boots 1/day 3000
Phoenix Down 3/day 400
Phoenix Pinion 2/day 840
Phoenix Soul 1/day 4500
Mighty (A Class) 5/week 5000
Zapper (A Class) 5/week 5000
Un-core 5/week 8000
Un-matter 5/week 8000