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Chapter 4: The Sound of Silence
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Required character(s) Nene, Kukurakan, Ganah, Cynthia
Release date September 28, 2017
Synced Play
Guardian level cap 20
Equipment level cap 16
List of chapters

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

The Sound of Silence is the fourth chapter in Terra Battle 2 Story.


Recruitable Guardians:

First play field treasures:

Normal replay field treasures: TBD

Synced replay field treasures: TBD



Chapter3 Image5.png

Ganah and his friends promised to continue searching for Sarah on our behalf, but…

Surely it’s something they’ll do on the side. No… it might just be an excuse to get us out of their hair.

When dawn breaks, we’ll be taken back to Ur… Thoughts of the village kept me tossing and turning all night. I faced the morning with bleary eyes and a heavy heart.

What’s going through Nene’s head…?

I don’t know how to bring it up.

My mind is still so hazy…

Chapter4 Image2.png

We did as we were told,

And dutifully packed camp.

Soon we were on our way to the village of Ur.

Naturally our footsteps were heavy.


Guard: The enemy! They’re here! It’s the Dark Legion!

Scout: Sir, generators have been spotted on the field! They’re heading this way!

Cynthia: If we stay here, we’ll be overrun. We can’t afford to stand around.

Ganah: Right. We’ll meet them head on. A frontal assault should buy those in the camp some time to escape.

Nene: What!? Is that wise?

Ganah: Surely those things aren’t expecting us to come from the front, right? We’ve got to throw them off balance. Tell those in camp to drop everything and head for the safety of the castle.

Scout: Yes, sir! May your blade strike true!

Soldier: We will await your return at the castle, commander.

Kukurakan: Do you really have to be decoys? Why can’t everyone retreat together?

Cynthia: We don’t intend to leave anyone behind… but it’s not like our lives are worth more than those of the people left in camp.

Kukurakan: That sounds like something village chief told us before…

Ganah: This isn’t up for discussion, kid. We’ll cleave the main group in two and push past them in the valley.

Ganah: Once we’re in far enough, we turn around and hit them hard. Ideally, their leader will be exposed. From there, we focus fire and finish it.

Nene: What should the two of us do?

Ganah: The only ones who can decide that are you. All I ask is that you be sure of your decision, because there’s no turning back once we start.

Kukurakan: Then we’ll go with you!

Cynthia: It’s a sound plan. Ganah’s skill as a commander is second to none… even if he can be a bit clumsy at times.

Nene: Right…

Ganah: The element of surprise is on our side, but daylight’s burning. Remember the plan, and move out!


Nene: What… is that?

Cynthia: An ancient creature that lures unsuspecting people to sleep. It’s coming for us next.

Nene: Lures people… to sleep?

Kukurakan: Oh, I know what that is… It’s an Anomalocaris!

Ganah: Anomalo--whatever! We’re having grilled fish tonight, people!

(After defeating Anomalocaris.)

Ganah: Is everyone okay? Stay vigilant… It’s just a little farther now.

Cynthia: Ergh…

Nene: Cynthia?

Cynthia: I’m alright… It’s just a scratch.

Ganah: Cynthia, wait.

(Ganah heals Cynthia.)

Chapter4 Image3.png

Cynthia: I said I was fine… You don’t need to do this…

Ganah: Don’t be like that. You and I both know that your body can’t handle--

Cynthia: We’ve wasted enough time.

Ganah: Right, sorry.

Nene: That was a weird exchange…

Kukurakan: Nene, if we don’t go now, we’ll fall behind. C’mon!

Nene: You’re right. Let’s go!


Kukurakan: It’s so quiet…

Cynthia: This is the deepest part of the valley.

Ganah: We’ve made it this far. Now for the easy part: destroying an entire Dark Legion army! Hahaha!

Chapter4 Image4.png

Nene: I can’t believe he can laugh at a time like this…

Kukurakan: (Compared to him, I’m…)

Cynthia: Oh, you can’t tell? Even the great Ganah gets scared now and then.

Kukurakan: Huh…?

Cynthia: By laughing like that, he defuses the tension and heartens the troops. He always says that the act is all part of his job as commander. What he’s really afraid of, though, is losing someone. Oh… maybe I said too much.

Nene: Well, Kukurakan… I can see now why you idolize him.

Kukurakan: Ganah…

Ganah: There they are! Seems they’ve finally found us. Playtime’s over, people! Stay close and use the terrain to your advantage!


Cynthia: We should return to the lake… We’re sitting ducks out here.

Ganah: Let’s use this chance to reform our lines before we take a breather.

Kukurakan: Right!


Ganah: What’s that sound?

Frenzied Warrior: …….!

Chapter4 Image5.png

Kukurakan: Something came out of the lake! Are they… human?

Cynthia: They’re Sais.

Nene: What’s a Sais?

Kukurakan: It’s said that they take people away and eat them…

(Monsters are sucked into the lake in a hole under the Sais.)

Sais A: Imprison… life…

Sais B: Deny… return…

(Many Sais spawn out of the lake hole.)

Cynthia: Ganah!

Ganah: Right… Defend yourselves!

(After defeating Frenzied Warrior, a glowing cube surrounds Nene.)

Nene: W-what’s happening?!

Kukurakan: Nene!

Nene: K-Kukurakan!!

(The cube begins to float away.)

Chapter4 Image6.png

Kukurakan: Noooooooooo! Give Nene back! Nene!

Nene: Kukurakan! Help m--

(The cube floats into the lake hole.)

Ganah: Damn it all!

Kukurakan: No, NO! You’re NOT taking her!!

Kukurakan: Nene, hold on! I’m coming!

(He jumps in.)

Ganah: Whoever said “look before you leap” obviously never saw one of these things… Ready, Cynthia?

Cynthia: As I’ll ever be. Where you go, I go, after all.


I’m sorry, Kukurakan.

I’m sorry, Cynthia.

I’m sorry, Ganah.


When you stretched out your hand,

I felt the smallest flicker of joy.

I wonder…

Will you…

protect me, too…?