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Current Issues[]

Mobile rendering issue[]

The whole TB2 wiki seems to be having trouble with mobile. There's a large space on the left of every page, where the left sidebar usually sits. (reported by 64bit)

That was on Desktop view on mobile. Everything looks good if we manually switch to Mobile view. The wiki is not detecting mobile devices and switching to Mobile view automatically. -- Fshahriar (talk) 21:51, 2 September 2017 (UTC)

Desktop Pages are very broken[]

Hello... I'm happy to find a wiki for Terra Battle 2. Because it seems so vastly different from the first game I was excited to see compiled information so early on... however.. I've only been through a few pages, and as I write this, I am finding many many more... it seems a lot of pages are incredibly broken.. I think the linkage between the css/formatting and the html has malfunctioned, or it seems to look this way.

I am using google chrome, if it helps... but I don't think that matters because some pages appear ok. I did my best below to gather a list in one go of what I consider 'major pages', I guess..

https://terrabattle2.gamepedia.com/Terra_Battle_2_Wiki:Admin_noticeboard https://terrabattle2.gamepedia.com/How_to_Play_Guide_for_Terra_Battle_2 https://terrabattle2.gamepedia.com/FAQ https://terrabattle2.gamepedia.com/Guardian https://terrabattle2.gamepedia.com/Equipment https://terrabattle2.gamepedia.com/Companions https://terrabattle2.gamepedia.com/Elements

I'm very sorry if it has been mentioned before, because the pages are so broken I am unable to browse efficiently to see if it has already been said. --

It's probably because Gamepedia is migrating to new servers (see Gamepedia AWS Migration). Sometimes images or CSS won't load. It should be fixed when the migration is complete. Fshahriar (talk) 02:09, 11 November 2017 (UTC)