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A Quest is a play mode in Terra Battle 2 that is accessed from Main Menu > World > Quests. Quests include cooperatively play with up to nine other players (Co-op Play), exclusive battles with fearsome foes (Event Quests), battles that drop valuable items necessary for recoding Guardians (Treasure Quests), and battles that give huge amount of experience for your party (Metal Zone).

Co-op Play[]

In Co-op Play, you complete quests in cooperation with other players in real-time to defeat a boss. Each player controls two Units (two Characters and two Guardians). Unlike single-player, you don't have the luxury of taking your time with your turns. Everyone only has a certain amount of time to act before the enemy takes their turn.

Defeat the boss within the allotted time to claim victory. If your squad cannot defeat it before time runs out, then the quest will end in failure. If your Units are defeated in Co-op Play, they will be revived after certain number of turns. The number of turns you have to wait will increase each time your Units are defeated.

Co-op Play quests include:

Event Quests[]

The following Event Quests are currently available:

Chapter Quests[]

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