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Disambig.png This article is about the D class guardian. For other classes, see Mighty.
Guardian long icon background.png
Guardian Mighty (D Class) icon long.png
Japanese name マイティ Maiti
Class D
Race Skill icon Soul.png Soul
Base xp 2,000
Release date September 21, 2017

Mighty (マイティ, Maiti) is a D class soul guardian. It has no skills or union rewards but it's useful for upgrading guardians.


Base Form

Guardian Mighty (D Class).png
Element Skill icon Non-Elemental.png Non-Elemental
Job Skill icon Mage.png Mage
Sell value 300


Nah, I can't do nothin' right.

Uh...a skeel? Wazzat?

Look, I ain't such a big deal all alone...

But, hey...

Pair me with someone, and I'll make 'em a star, y'hear?

I mean, just look at me! I'm MIGHTY, baby!