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Chapter 6: Jailbreak
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Required character(s) -
Release date October 19, 2017
Synced Play
Guardian level cap 20
Equipment level cap 22
List of chapters

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Jailbreak is the sixth chapter in Terra Battle 2 Story.


Recruitable Guardians:

First play field treasures:

Normal replay field treasures: TBD

Synced replay field treasures: TBD



Kukurakan: Did you block the way?

Gl: Not over. Keep…

El: Going. Exit near.

Kukurakan: There’s an exit around here?

El: That way.

Gl: This way.

Ganah: Wait, wait, which is it?! Geez. Either way, we’d better get moving.


(A glowing cube appears.)

Ganah: That weird-looking box…

El: Not box. Prison.

Nene: It’s like the one that trapped me…

Gl: Sais search. For Creator.

Kukurakan: The one who created you?

El: Will fix. Broken parts.

Gl: Sarah can.

El: Only Sarah can.

Ganah: You’re telling me that you lot are looking for Sarah, too?

Nene: I don’t get it. How do they even know who she is…?

Cynthia: I don’t think there’s a simple answer to that. We would be better served finding a safe way out of here first.

El: That way.


Nene: Ganah, Cynthia… Did you get your Guardians from Fores, the Great Spiritwood, too?

Ganah: That’s right. Seems like ages ago now, though.

Cynthia: Where we come from, those deemed worthy come together and ask the Great Spiritwood for his blessing in a shared ceremony. Everyone was there at ours… except for Ganah.

Nene: Really? Did something keep him?

Cynthia: Sort of. I’m sure you know by now that he can be pretty laid-back at times…

Nene: Uh-oh. Don’t tell me he was late?

Ganah: I had a lot on my plate that morning.

Cynthia: Is that right, sleepyhead? Tell me, did you count more sheep before or after you pulled the covers back over your head?

Ganah: Geez… If you’re gonna put it that way, you could at least say I was exhausted from fending off a whole horde of monsters or something.

Kukurakan: Doesn’t change the fact that you missed the ceremony, though…

Ganah: I don’t need some stuffy old ceremony to command the power of a Guardian, kid.

Cynthia: Hah! Did we hit a nerve?


(Many Sais appear.)

El: Allow escape. These, different.

Sais: …..!

Gl: These help. Find Sarah.

Sais: …..!!

Ganah: Think you could translate for the less telepathically-inclined among us?

Gl: “Truth… Response, different. These, not Creator.”

Nene: What does that mean…?


Cynthia: Wait, something’s coming…

(Iron Titan appears.)

El: Iron… Titan.

Ganah: “Titan” is an understatement… That thing looks like it eats titans for breakfast! Here’s hoping it stays put.

Kukurakan: Should we be prepared for a fight?

El: Wrong idea. Cannot win.

Gl: No choice. Get close.

(Iron Giant and Sais Generators appear.)

Cynthia: With so many Sais around? That seems unwise. We’d be surrounded!

Ganah: You want us to slip past the little guys and get close to the big one, huh?

El: Get close. Iron Titan.

Kukurakan: Are you sure it’s not a trap?

Ganah: They haven’t done wrong by us yet.


(The Iron Titan's eye glints.)

El: Awake.

Gl: Moving!

Chapter6 Image1.png

The Iron Titan turned operational,

plunging the land of the Sais

into chaos and confusion.

(A vortex appears.)

El: Now. Jump.

Ganah: Did I hear you right?!

(Everyone jumps in.)

Chapter6 Image2.png

Gl: Give Gl. Your hands.