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Chapter 5: In the Land of the Sais
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Required character(s) Nene, Kukurakan, Ganah, Cynthia
Release date October 6, 2017
Synced Play
Guardian level cap 20
Equipment level cap 20
List of chapters

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

In the Land of the Sais is the fifth chapter in Terra Battle 2 Story.


Recruitable Guardians:

First play field treasures:

Normal replay field treasures: TBD

Synced replay field treasures: TBD



Chapter5 Image1.png

From far in the distance, the sound of arcing electricity breaks the silence.

Every now and then the beams of light snaking along the floors and walls flicker erratically.

Some rescue.

We ended up getting caught by the Sais after jumping into the lake to save Nene.

Now here we all are, locked away in some mysterious room.


Nene: Sorry to have dragged you all into this…

Ganah: It’s not your fault. Eyes up, kid. Can’t see the enemy coming if you’re busy staring at the floor.

Kukurakan: Cheer up, Nene. There’s gotta be a way out of here, right?

Cynthia: One would hope so…


Kukurakan: Hey! Is anyone there?!

Kukurakan: Guess not…


Ganah: Who’s there?

Chapter5 Image2.png

???: There…

Nene: Huh?

???: Here…

Kukurakan: Uh…

Cynthia: Are they… trying to communicate?

???: Words, hidden.

???: Thoughts, exposed.

Ganah: ...Come again?

???: Cannot stay… Gl, that way.

Gl: No, El. This way.

El: Everyone, follow.

Cynthia: Should we trust them?

Ganah: I don’t see another way out of here.


Kukurakan: So, uh…

El: …

Gl: …

Kukurakan: Wonder if they can hear us…

Ganah: In this case, silence may well be golden… I see sniper nests ahead. Keep out of their sights if you can.


Nene: Hey, where are you leading us…?

El: …

Gl: …

Kukurakan: Seems like they don’t wanna talk.

Cynthia: Let’s keep following them for now. They may have their reasons for staying silent.

Nene: Fair enough, but… I’m not the only one who heard them talk before, am I?

Cynthia: No. Something or someone must be keeping their lips zipped.

Ganah: Well, they did break us out of our cell, and seem to know their way around the place. I say we stick together.


El: …

Gl: …

Kukurakan: Those two have been pretty quiet for a while now.

Ganah: Hard facts about the Sais are hard to come by, from what I’ve heard, they don’t “talk” like we do.

Cynthia: Right, what’s it called… “telepathy?” How else can you explain how they communicate back and forth without so much as a word?

Nene: Does that mean that they don’t have to be close by to stay in touch?

Cynthia: At this point, it’s all just conjecture. The prevailing theory is that there’s some kind of central intelligence that branches out into individual units.


El: There, the gatekeeper.

Ganah: Gatekeeper…?

Gl: You have permission… to leave.

Cynthia: Permission? Whose permission?

(Water Dragon appears.)

Nene: Yikes! It doesn’t look friendly!

Ganah: Here it comes!

(After defeating the Water Dragon, a vortex appears.)

Gl: Knew it. Good.

Ganah: Hold on a sec! Just what are you two even up to?

Gl: Not good… with words, but…

El: Words, hidden. Thoughts, exposed. No words, no thoughts.

Ganah: Why do I even bother…

Chapter5 Image3.png

The consciousness of every Sais begins and ends with the Kernel.

The Kernel sees, hears, and knows all:

to the Sais, its command is absolute.

The Kernel demands accurate information.

The efficacy of its commands depends on it.

Thus, the Said forsake ambiguous data.

Extra data, unnecessary data: all is anathema.

Somehow, these two Sais had managed to grasp human language, despite its flaws.

To them, it was anything but extraneous.

None of the Sais had seen it coming.

Not even the Kernel.

For all of its processing power, an understanding of human language was beyond computation.

The same was true of El and Gl’s motives…


Kukurakan: If they think, they expose… something, but if they talk, they hide it? That doesn’t make any sense.

Cynthia: …It does if WE are the ones they’re hiding. Remember, Sais can “hear” each other’s thoughts, but don’t understand our words.

Nene: So they’re using our words to hide us from the others, then? That must mean they’re friendly after all!

El: Cynthia, sharp mind.

Gl: Nene, cute face.

Ganah: There’s just one problem: they’re Sais. By definition, they shouldn’t be able to talk to us… so why can they?

El: Because… because…

Gl: Stop, El. No words, no thoughts.

El: Ah…!

(Many Sais appear.)

Kukurakan: Whoa, that was quick!

El: They are here. Follow.

Ganah: Stay together! Come on!