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This page is a transcription of the Terra Battle 2 Help page found in-game: World > Options > Help.

Important Numbers

  • Player Rank
A measure of your progress through the story. Complete story chapters to earn experience and raise your Player Rank. Each time this rank increases, your maximum stamina will increase.

  • Stamina
Stamina is required to play Quests. One point of Stamina is automatically restored every five minutes. You may also spend one Energy to restore all of your Stamina immediately.

  • Energy
Energy is used to restore your Stamina, continue playing when your party is defeated in battle, and forge Pacts of Resolve with Fores for Guardians and equipment. Additional Energy may be purchases from the Shop on the main menu.

The Field Map

  • Field Map Features
  • Petrified Enemies
Enemies that are petrified will not move or attack until your party draws close to them, or until their petrification is removed by a story event. You can tap on a petrified enemy to see their activation area.

  • Finding Your Way
You can attach allied pieces to you like a magnet to move everyone in your party as a single group.

You can change your view of the field map by pinching in or out. When zoomed out, you can view more of the battlefield, but have less time to move around. (The distance you can move is mostly unchanged.)

Gather your enemies in the battle box, then tap the sword button to fight them.

  • Obstacles and Hidden Entrances
You can pass through obstacles like walls at the cost of movement time.

If you can't find a way around something, try snooping around for a hidden entrance.

  • Lonely Strike
If one of your characters ends up all alone in the battle box, they'll be attacked from all sides and take tons of damage. On the other hand, if you manage to corner an enemy in the battle box, you'll get a ton of free hits in!

  • Collecting and Respawning Treasure
Spaces that sparkle on the field map contain treasure.

If you have gathered all of the treasure on the field map when you finish a chapter, then the treasure will re-appear the next time you play.

Certain field skills can be used to reveal the location of hidden treasure.

  • Using Field Skills and Items
After the battle box appears, members of the party can use Field Skills from the magic menu and items from the item menu.

Line up certain characters horizontally or vertically (as you would with a Chain Skill) to enable their powerful Buddy Skill, then unleash it from the magic menu!

  • Calling It Quits
If you quit during the middle of an adventure, you will have to start it over from the beginning next time. However, you may keep any items and experience earned along the way.

Enemies will appear in their original locations at the start of a new chapter.

  • Continuing After Defeat
If your party is defeated, you can spend one Energy to revive everyone and continue on with the chapter.


  • Elemental Interactions
Each magic spell has an element, and each element has strengths and weaknesses.

If the attacking element is strong against the defending element, then the spell will do more damage.

  • Control Time
Characters are given six seconds to move freely to any tile on the battle map. Certain skills extend this duration.

  • Retreating
If you retreat from battle, you will be returning to the field map with everyone who participated in the battle knocked out. You will lose any treasure or experience earned during the course of the battle.

  • Continuing to Play
If you party is defeated, you can spend one Energy to revive everyone and continue on with the battle.


  • About Characters
Characters are the people who encounter during your journey across Terra. They can pair up with a Guardian to form a Unit. Each Unit can use equipment in their left and right hands, on their head, and on their body. Each Unit can also equip up to four Companions.

  • Health Points (HP)
HP is a measure of a Unit's Health. When a Unit's HP falls to zero, it will be knocked out and unable to participate in battle.

To prevent your Units from becoming knocked out, be sure to regularly heal them with HP-restoring support skills.

  • Magic Points (MP)
MP determines how many spells a Unit can cast. When a Unit's MP falls to zero, they may no longer cast any spells.

  • Stats
In addition to Health Points (HP) and Magic Points (MP), Units also have Physical Attack (ATK), Physical Defense (DEF), Magical Attack (MATK), and Magical Defense (MDEF) stats.


  • Obtaining Guardians
Guardians can be obtained by forging Pacts of Resolve with Fores. To forge a pact, tap "Fores" on the main menu.

  • Jobs
Each Guardian has one of four jobs: Mage, Spellblade, Warrior, or Healer.

  • Class
Each Guardian has a class.

In order of rarity, the classes are: D, C, B, A, S, SS, and Z, with D Class the least rare and Z Class the most rare.

In general, rarer Guardians have more powerful skills.

  • Level
Each Guardian has a level that can be raised by gaining experience. Experience can be gained by completing quests or upgrading.

  • Skills
Skills are actions that have a set chance to happen once certain conditions are fulfilled during battle. Each Guardian can have a maximum of six skills.

Not all of your companions will have skills.

Additional skills are unlocked as a Guardian levels up.

  • Races
Terra is full of a variety of races, from humans to Lizardfolk, Beastfolk, Werewolves, and more.

  • Elements
There are nine elements: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Earth, Wind, Photon, Graviton, Darkness, and Non-Elemental.

  • Upgrading Guardians
You can raise the level of a Guardian by using another Guardian as an upgrade material. If the Guardian used as an upgrade material is the same as the Guardian to be upgraded, then extra experience will be granted.

Leveling up Guardians unlocked better versions of existing skills and allows them to use new ones.

  • Recoding Guardians
Guardians can be transformed into more powerful forms using recoding.

To recode a Guardian, it must:
  • be eligible for recoding
  • be level 99 in its uncoded form

You must also have the necessary items.

After recoding, the uncoded Guardian will disappear.

  • Selling Guardians
To sell a Guardian, navigate to the Inventory screen, tap "Guardians," tap the Guardian who you wish to sell, then tap "Sell."

Guardians equipped by the party cannot be sold.

  • Sell, Upgrade, and Recode Carefully!
A sale, upgrade, or recode cannot be undone, even if performed in error.

Skill Boost

  • About Skill Boost
Each Guardian has a skill Boost (B) stat that is added to the base activation chance of their skills.

This is a great way to make skills with a low base activation chance happen more often!

  • Raising Skill Boost
Use a skill in battle for a chance at an increase, or upgrade a Guardian with one of the same name for a guaranteed increase.


  • About Luck
Each Guardian has a Luck (L) stat that increases the chance for a Lucky Treasure Chest to appear after a battle.

  • Raising Luck
Upgrade a Guardian with one of the same name for a guaranteed increase.

  • Lucky Treasure Chests
A Lucky Treasure Chest may appear after battle depending on the average of your party's Lucky stats. The higher the average, the more liekly that a chest will apear.

These chests may not appear in certain quests.

  • Feeling Lucky
Lucky Treasure Chests can contain everything from coins to items to Companions.


  • About Union
Each Guardian has a Union (U) stat that represents the strength of your bond with it. The guardian will gift you with a powerful item when the Union reaches 50%, and again at 100%.

  • Raising Union
Raise Skill Boost (B) to 100% for a guarenteed increase, use a skill in battle for a chance at an increase, or upgrade a Guardian with oen of the same name for a guaranteed increase.


  • About Equipment
The maximum level of a piece of equipment depends on its class:

Z Class: Level 99
SS Class: Level 90
S Class: Level 80
A Class: Level 70
B Class (and below): Level 60

Note that these stats refer to a fully-unleashed piece of equipment.

  • About Resonance
Equipment levels up by obtaining Resonance. Characters who participate in chain attacks may receive Resonance for their equipment.

  • Skill Range
Equipment boosts the range of a Guardian's skills.
Range boosts form weapons only apply to one of the four classes of Guardian skills: Mega, Giga, Tera, or Peta.

  • Main and Off-Hand Weapons
The main hand weapon provides 100% of its ATK/MATK and boosts skill range. The off-hand weapon provides 50% of its ATK/MATK and does not boost skill range. Certain skills enable to off-hand weapon to contribute as many stats or as much range as the main hand weapon. Use the Weapon Mastery skill to enable the range boost from the off-hand weapon. Use the Dual-wield Mastery skill to enable the stat boost from the off-hand weapon.

  • Obtaining Equipment
Equipment can be obtained in a variety of ways:

  • Pacts with Fores and campaigns
  • Stores on the world map
  • Treasure from chests or monsters
  • Union Reward
  • Gifted by the admins, etc.

  • Upgrading Equipment
You can raise the level of a piece of equipment by using another piece of equipment as an upgrade material.
Leveling up equipment increases the range of skills.

  • Unleashing Equipment
The maximum level of equipment can be increased using unleashing.

To unleash equipment, it must:

  • be eligible for unleashing
  • be at maximum level
  • be combined with the same equipment

The equipment's skill range may change after unleashing. This change cannot be reverted.

  • Selling Equipment
To sell equipment, navigate to the Inventory screen, tap "Equipment", tap the equipment that you wish to sell, then tap "Sell".

Equipment equipped by the party cannot be sold.

  • Sell, Upgrade, and Unleash Carefully!
A sale, upgrade, or unleash cannot be undone, even if performed in error.


  • About Companions
Companions offer various benefits to characters. Some even have skills that can be used in battle. A character can equip up to four Companions at once.

  • Obtaining Companions
Companions can be obtained in a variety of ways:

  • Stores on the world map or campaigns
  • Quests or Co-op Play
  • Gifted by the admins, etc.

  • Selling Companions
To sell Companionsm navigate to the Inventory screen, tap "Companions", tap the Companions that you wish to sell, then tap "Sell."

Companions equipped by the party cannot be sold.


  • About Items
Items are obtained by playing quests. You can use these items to recode the RNA or DNA of a Guardian, or as currency to play special quests.

To see your items, tap "Inventory," then "Items."

  • About Field Items
Field Items are a special type of item that are designed for use on the field map. They can restore your HP, boost your stats, and more.

  • Selling Items
To sell items, navigate to the Inventory screen, tap "Items," tap the items that you wish to sell, choose the quantities to sell, then tap "Sell."

Items are sold permanently.


  • About Your Party
A party consists of five of your Units plus a friend's Unit. Taken together, you can challenge each quest with up to six Units.

To form your party, tap "Party" on the main menu.

  • Forming Your Parties
You can have up to seven different parties set up at once. Having parties specialized for certain roles will help make quests easier.

Fores the Great Spiritwood

  • Pact of Resolve
Forge a Pact of Resolve with Fores to obtain Guardians and equipment in exchange for Energy. Guardians and equipment obtained in this way aree guaranteed to be B Class or better.

The Store

  • About the Store
At the store, you can exchange coins and other materials for items, equipment, and more. Some goods can only be obtained by purchasing them at the store. The list and stock of available items changes over time.

  • About Coins
Coins are currency used to purchase goods at the store. You can earn coins by completing chapters of the story or quests.

Co-op Play

  • About Co-op Play
In Co-op Play, you complete quests in cooperation with other players in real-time. You can also participate in exclusive quests.

However, you cannot use Field Items in this mode.

  • How to Join
You can either host or join a battle. To host a battle, you must spend Stamina and/or items. However, joining a battle does not cost any Stamina or items.

  1. Tap "Quests," tap "Roll Out!", then tap "Host."

  1. Tap "Quests," tap "Roll Out!", then tap "Join."
  2. Choose a squad with an opening.

  • You can spend Energy to revive everyone's Units. (Energy cannot be purchased mid-battle.)
  • You can continue to play on your own if the connection is interrupted.
  • The battle cannot be paused and resumed later.

  • How to play
  • You cannot move the Units of other players with your own.
  • If your Units are wiped out, you can spend Energy to revive them. Doing so will also revive the Units of other players as well. If you do not with to spend Energy, you must wait to be revived.
  • Players who host and players who join share the same pool of rewards.
  • Rewards are distributed to each player based on their amount of damage and/or healing done (as well as other factors).


  • About Friends
You can become friends with other players by sending them friend requests or accepting the requests that they send to you.

To send a specific player a friend request, tap "Friends" from the main menu, tap "Search," then enter their ID,.

You can have up to 100 friends.

  • About Frendon
Frendon joins other players as a guest character and helps them complete their quests. You can outfit him, with Guardians and equipment just like any of your other characters.

To change his Guardian or equipment, tap "Friends" from the main menu, tap "My Frendon," then pat the sword and shield icon.

The Energy/Stamina Shop

  • About the Energy/Stamina Shop
At the Energy/Stamina Shop, you can purchase Energy to use for forging Pacts and continuing Quests, as well as spend Energy to restore your stamina.

  • Purchasing Energy
You can purchase Energy through your App Store or Google Play account.
When you first attempt to purchase Energy, you will be asked to input the month and date of your birth to establish your age. This information cannot be changed once entered.

Players 13 year of age and under cannot purchase Energy. Players 14 years of age to 19 years of age must obtain their parent or guardian's permission to purchase Energy.

The Download Starter

  • About the Download Starter
The Download Starter provides incentives for players to download Terra Battle 2 by offering various rewards. Possible rewards include custom art by famous artists, new game modes, new game content, and books/figurines featuring Terra Battle 2 characters.

Throughout this endeavor, we hope that various creators will come together and use the smartphone version as a starting point to turn our vision into an even greater reality.


  • About In-Game News
The News section contains the latest information straight from the developers regarding events, updates, maintenance timing, unresolved issues, and more.

  • Sound Settings
To adjust the volume, tap the gear icon, tap "Sound," then adjust the Sound Effect (SE) and Background Music (BGM) sliders as necessary.

  • Reviewing Tips
As you play through the game, useful tips will appear to help you get the most out of your Terra Battle 2 experience. A collection of these tips is available from the Options menu.

  • Transferring Data
To transfer your game data to another device, you must first complete User Registration. From the Options menu, tap "Transfer Data" and follow the instructions there.

You must enter the User ID and password from User Registration when transferring data to another device.

Data from iOS devices can be transferred to Android devices and vice versa.

Since the username and password from User Registration will also allow you to restore your data in the case that you accidentally delete the app, we highly recommend that you complete it.

  • About the Hiso Alien
The mascot that spins around in the loading screen, waves its hand at you and cheers you on in-game messages.

To learn more about Hiso Alien, check out its profile below:
(Tapping the link will open your device's browser)

  • About Achievements
Achievements give rewards for completing gameplay goals such as playing the story to a certain chapter or leveling your Guardians to a certain level.

To see each achievement and its reward, tap "Achievements" on the main menu.

  • Fun and Fair Play
To ensure the most enjoyable play experience for all of our customers, we require that you adhere to the Terms of Use and avoid committing any acts that may inconvenience others or adversely affect the game.

Proven cases of such acts will result in a ban of your account.

Examples of such misconduct and/or abuse include:
  • harassing, intimidating, or verbally abusing others
  • Conspiring with other users to unfairly obtain rewards or rankings
  • Using multiple accounts to unfairly obtain rewards or rankings
  • Analyzing the game program or network data, or falsifying information for the purposes of unfairly obtaining rankings or harassing other users

The full Terms of Use can be viewed on the game's official site.

To report a user for violating the Terms of Use, use the "Other" category on the Support form.

  • Checking Your User Info
You can check your User Info by tapping "User Info" in the Options menu.

This information is used when restoring lost data, and to prove that you are the owner of your account. Since data cannot be restored without this information, we recommend that you make a separate record of it (by taking a screenshot, for example).

Since this information can be used to impersonate you, ensure that only you have access to it, and do not share it with a third party.
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