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Healer Orbling
Guardian long icon background.png
Guardian Healer Orbling icon long.png
Japanese name ハクバクロウ
Class D
Race Skill icon Monster.png Monster
Base xp 50
Release date September 21, 2017

Healer Orbling (ハクバクロウ) is a D class monster guardian.


  • Drop from Healer Orbling

Union Rewards

Union Rewards
Guardian icon background.png
Companion DEF Bracelet 2 icon.png
DEF Bracelet 2
Guardian icon background.png
Companion HP Earrings 10 icon.png
HP Earrings 10

Base Form

Guardian Healer Orbling.png
Element N/A
Job Skill icon Healer.png Healer
Sell value 10
Skill icon 51.png Mega Heal, Chain, 60%
(Unlocks at level 1)
Restores a small amount of HP.
  • Upgrades to Mega Heal, Chain, 80% at Lv 90.
Skill icon 125.png HP +10%, Equip
(Unlocks at level 40)
Increases HP.
Skill icon 51.png Restorative Counter, 30%
(Unlocks at level 90)
Counters pincer attacks by recovering.


Most people think of healers as pure and innocent beings, selflessly aiding those in need.

They would be disappointed to meet a Healer Orbling.

These haughty creatures are equally skilled in the arts of healing and hypocrisy. They say they heal to help, but they really just want to remind everyone how much they're needed.

Nothing beats the feeling of basking in the adoration and gratitude of your comrades, even if such words aren't truly from the heart. For that brief period, you're important. You're wanted. You're special.

In the end, is there anything more pure than that?

Skill details

Healer Orbling
Lv Skill Effects Target Condition Class
1 Skill icon 51.png Mega Heal Recovers HP with power x8 (cap 700).
"Restores a small amount of HP."
Chain Chain (60%)
90 Skill icon 51.png Mega Heal Recovers HP with power x8 (cap 700).
"Restores a small amount of HP."
Chain Chain (80%)
40 Skill icon 125.png HP +10% HP +10%.
"Increases HP."
Self Equip (100%)
90 Skill icon 51.png Restorative Counter Recovers HP with power x3.
"Counters pincer attacks by recovering."
Area (2) Counter (30%)