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Guardian long icon background.png
Guardian Eza icon long.png
Japanese name エザ
Class B
Race Skill icon Golem.png Golem
Base xp Cannot be fed
Release date September 21, 2017

Eza (エザ) is a B class golem guardian.


Lind's default Guardian.

Union Rewards

Union Rewards
Guardian icon background.png
Companion Magical Tattoo 2% icon.png
Magical Tattoo +2%
Guardian icon background.png
Companion Hiso Tattoo icon.png
Hiso Tattoo

Base Form

Guardian Eza.png
Element Skill icon Fire.png Fire
Job Skill icon Mage.png Mage
Sell value Cannot be sold
Skill icon Fire.png Fire, 100%
Mega (Unlocks at level 1)
Inflicts fire damage.
Skill icon Footsteps.png [F] Re-Act, Field
(Unlocks at level 1)
Allows the party to move again.
Skill icon Control Time.png [F] Field Control Time +10 Sec, Field
(Unlocks at level 1)
Increases control time on the field map.


Holds Lind's soul. Hosts a burning sense of justice.

Skill details

Lv Skill Effects Target Condition Class
1 Skill icon 1.png Fire Inflict x1 Fire damage.
"Inflicts a small amount of Fire magical damage."
Pincer Chain (100%) Mega
1 Skill icon 93.png [F] Re-Act "Allows the party to move again." Field Field (100%)
1 Skill icon 130.png [F] Field Control Time +10 Sec Control Time on the field map +2 Sec. Active for 2 turns. Consumes 150 MP.
"Increases control time on the field map."
Field Field (100%)