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Weapons (top row) and protective gear (bottom row). Not shown: shield.

Equipment are weapons and protective gear that can be worn by Characters to raise a Unit's stats.

The different Equipment slots are: main hand, off-hand, head, and body.

  • There are six types of weapons that can be equipped in both the main hand and off-hand slots: sword, katana, bow, spear, staff, and dagger.
  • Shields can also be equipped in the off-hand slot.
  • A hat or a helmet can be worn on the head.
  • Clothes or armor can be equipped on the body.

Some Characters can only wear certain types of Equipment—see their respective pages for this information.


Swords, katana, bows, and spears increase ATK; they are mainly utilized by Warriors and Spellblades. Staffs increase MATK; they are mainly utilized by Mages, Spellblades and Healers. Daggers give both ATK and MATK, making them useful for Spellblades, who rely on both stats.

Weapons equipped in the main hand slot grant the Unit their full stats, as well as their range increase. A Weapon equipped in the off-hand slot grants the Unit only half of its stats, and its range increase is not applied.

  • The extended range of skills center on the Unit for Warriors and Spellblades, and center on the pincered enemies for skills used by Mages.
  • See Category:Skill range images for possible skill ranges.

Some Guardians may have the "Weapon Mastery" skill, which allows the off-hand Weapon to grant its range increase alongside the main hand Weapon. Other Guardians can have the "Dual-Wield" skill, which allows the off-hand Weapon to grant its full stats. The "Doublehand" skill doubles the ATK granted by the main hand Weapon if the off-hand slot is empty.

Protective Equipment[]

All protective Equipment primarily grant HP, MP, DEF and MDEF. Some may focus more on DEF or MDEF, depending on their type.

  • Hats and clothes mainly increase MDEF.
  • Helmets and armor mainly increase DEF.
  • Shields, even though they are equipped in the off-hand slot, give their full stats to the Character.

Leveling Equipment[]

Resonance gained by Class
Class Resonance
SS 3000
S 2400
A 1800
B 1500
Resonance gained by special equipment
Equipment Resonance
Zapper (A Class) 30000
Zapper (B Class) 18000
Zapper (C Class) 3000
Zapper (D Class) 600

All Equipment gain stats as they level up, and some Equipment gain a range increase for the Unit's Guardian skills.

Experience for Equipment is called Resonance, and is earned separately from Guardian experience points.

  • Resonance is earned randomly when Units participate in a Chain Attack, and is applied to all of a character's Equipment at the end of the battle.
  • Resonance can also be gained by Upgrading, which consumes other pieces of Equipment for Resonance. The amount of Resonance gained depends on the consumed Equipment's Class and the same amount is granted regardless of level.
    • Upgrading Equipment with another copy of the same Equipment grants ten times the Resonance.

There are also some Equipment that give more Resonance than usual and are used primarily in Upgrading.

Unleashing Equipment[]

Unleashing and Max Level
Max Level Unleashes
0 1 2 3
Class Z 69 79 89 99
SS 59 69 79 90
S 49 59 69 80
A 49 59 70
B 49 60
C 49
D 1

Unleashing a piece of Equipment increases its maximum level. Some Equipment may even have different skill ranges when unleashed. An Equipment's max level and number of unleashes depends on its Class, with only B class or higher having the potential to be unleashed.

Equipment can be unleashed under the following conditions:

  • Equipment can be unleashed (has an empty star ✰ in its Stats box).
  • Equipment is at max level.

If these conditions are met, upgrade the Equipment using another copy of the same Equipment to unleash it.

Obtaining Equipment[]

Equipment can be obtained through the following methods:

  • Pacts with Fores and campaigns
  • Exchanging in stores on the World Map
  • Sparkling spots in a Field Map
  • Drops from enemies or Lucky Treasure Chests
  • Union rewards from certain Guardians
  • Gifts by the admins, etc.

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