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Deux Store screen

The Deux Store is a place in the World Map where things can be purchased using Deux Coins. It was made available on October 31, 2017.

Stores restock goods at different times based on their availability. Goods available for one day are restocked every day at 1 PM PT. Goods available for one week are restocked every Sunday at 1 PM PT[1].


What have we here? A customer? You look like you could use a break. There's a nice patch of shadow just over there... Take a load off.

What's that? You want some water? Right, of course you do... Listen, I doubt I need to tell you this, but out here, water is second only to gold. Speaking of which, you want water, and I want gold, so let's make a deal, shall we? You aren't getting a drop of this stuff until I hear that jingle-jangle.

You look like a capable bunch. Why not have a look at my equipment? The monsters around here will eat an unprepared adventurer alive. Against dangers like that, no blade is too sharp, and no armor is too thick.


Product Stock Deux Coins required
Iron Helm 1800
Iron Armor 1800
Iron Shield 1300
Knight's Sword 1500
Silk Robe 2500
Squeaky +10% 1000
Crocky +10% 1000
+2% Ice Attack 1000
Item Mouse Capsule.png Mouse Capsule 50
Item Frog Capsule.png Frog Capsule 50
Item Defense Drink.png Defense Drink 200
Item Barrier Drink.png Barrier Drink 1000
Item Mega Bomb.png Mega Bomb 300
Item Battle Time Controller.png [B] Time Controller 800
Re-Act Boots 3/day 1000
Re-Act Attack Boots 1/day 3000
Phoenix Down 3/day 400
Phoenix Pinion 2/day 840
Phoenix Soul 1/day 4500
Mighty (A Class) 5/week 5000
Zapper (A Class) 5/week 5000