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Chapter 10: Dark Reign
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Release date February 27, 2018
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Guardian level cap 40
Equipment level cap 30
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Dark Reign is the tenth chapter in Terra Battle 2 Story.



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Chapter4 Image2.png

How many nights has it been…?

Sleeping under the stars for so long, I can hardly remember what the warm embrace of my bed feels like.

Was Sarah prepared for this when she left? Or did she tumble head over heels down the rabbit hole like the rest of us?

With all the twists and turns we've had, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to have passed her by night without even knowing it. For all we know, she could even have found her way back to Ur a day or two after we left.

First Sarah, now Nene and me… The elders must be livid. Surely some can't help but point the finger at her for the choice we made. It was her “bad influence,” they'd say.

I'd give anything to see Sarah being scolded like that… if it meant that she was back behind the village walls safe and sound.

I want to believe that she is.

Chapter10 Image2.png

I want to believe… but…


Nene: Where are we?

Cynthia: Judging by this terrain, I'd say we're somewhere around the eastern coast of Cornelia. Home, sweet home.

Kukurakan: You're familiar with this area, then?

Ganah: We are. See that forest off in the distance? The Deadwood. It acts as a sort of natural barrier thanks to the poisonous miasma inside. If it's all the way over there, then we're pretty far off the beaten path.

Chapter10 Image3.png

Piz’fa: So what's tha plan? Make a break fer that Kornellyah place?

Cynthia: That would be a difficult proposition in the best of cases. Cornelia lies beyond that mountain range, and such a precarious journey is not made without proper preparation.

Kukurakan: Fine… Then… The valley where Sarah was headed… can we get there?

Ganah: You mean the Forbidden Valley. Possible? Yes. Easy? No.

Nene: How about Ur?

Kukurakan: ...What about Ur?

Nene: I was thinking… what if Sarah found her way back while we were out looking for her? She shouldn't have to explain why we're gone to a horde of angry villagers… and besides, if she really was back, then we'd just be going on a wild goose chase out here. ...Or am I worrying too much?

Cynthia: I wouldn't say that.

Ganah: Hate to break it to you, but Ur is on the other end of the continent. Like it or not, you're not getting there.

Kukurakan: I can see where you're coming from, Nene, but Sarah wouldn't have left just to turn right around again. I still think our best bet is searching the Forbidden Valley.

Nene: Y-yeah, you're right…

Ganah: First things first: we've got to get through that forest. Weapons at the ready, people. We're not out of the woods just yet.

El: Ready and willing!

Piz’fa: As long as there's interestin’ places ta see, I’m down fer whateva.

Ganah: (Times like these make me wish for a good pair of wings…)

Kukurakan: Something wrong, Ganah?

Ganah: Huh? Oh… no. It's nothing.


Piz’fa: So… got some rocks ‘round here, too, eh?

Cynthia: Together with their non-petrified brethren, it seems.

Ganah: Someone must have broken the seal… but who…?


(A group of Dark Legion face a group of Mini Stingers.)

Dark Legionnaire A: We can't have these pests sneaking up behind the main camp. Fan out and exterminate every last one!

Dark Legionnaire B: At once, sir!

(Mini Stingers are killed.)

Cynthia: What are THEY doing here?!

Ganah: Damn. Did he say “main camp?”

Piz’fa: What's with these guys? Can't even look at ‘em without gettin’ tha chills…

Nene: They're called “Dark Legion,” and… well, it'd take a while to explain.

Piz’fa: Gotcha. They're tha baddies, right? Say no more, say no more!

Dark Legionnaire B: Eradication complete sir!

Dark Legionnaire A: Good. I'll let the garrison know that they're free to dig in. Keep watch until I return.

Dark Legionnaire B: Understood, sir!

(Dark Legionnaire A leaves.)

Ganah: Looks like the Dark Legion got here before us.

Kukurakan: What now?

Ganah: The forest is a lost cause. We're just going to have to tough it over the mountains. Let's get going before this place is crawling with sentries.


(Envenomed Queen blocks the Dark Legion group’s path.)

Dark Legionnaire B: Wh-what the?! Attack! We're under attack!

(The group is destroyed.)

Dark Legionnaire B: Damned… vermin…

(He dies.)

Piz’fa: Mess with tha bull and ya get the horns! Serves ya right, chump.

Kukurakan: If they hadn't been so aggressive, this would never have happened…

Cynthia: Now that the hornet’s nest has been stirred up, we’re going to have to take them head-on. Get ready, everyone.


(After defeating her, Envenomed Queen poisons Nene before dying.)

Nene: What's… why… who…?

Kukurakan: Nene, what's wrong?

Nene: K-Kukurakan…? Is that you? I… my head’s pounding, and… everything's cloudy… I can't move… my legs…

Cynthia: Gods, what a fever. Don't tell me she breathed in that awful miasma!

Ganah: A queen’s, no less… damn it. Piz’fa, Kukurakan, come with me. We need to find a place to make camp away from prying eyes.

Kukurakan: Right!

Piz’fa: Leave it ta me!

El: We’ll keep watch.

Gl: You go this way, we go that way!


Chapter10 Image4.png

Couldn’ta asked for a weirder buncha folks… where do I even begin with this lot?

Nene’s always flashin’ those big doe eyes at Kukurakan, but all he seems ta care about is starin’ up at the sky. Ganah and Cynthia ain't much better. Sometimes they're as close as two peas in a pod… before one or tha other retreats ta arm’s length again.

El and Gl, well… ‘nuff said.

They've managed ta stay together this far, but everyone has their own agenda. Their own wants and needs. So… where does that leave old Piz’fa? Gonna have ta choose who ta follow if they end up splittin’... but how?

Ah, well. Cross that bridge when I come ta it. Fer now, jus’ gotta get some rest and hope Nene’s feelin’ better come sunrise.


Chapter3 Image4.png

Nene: ……

Cynthia: Can't sleep?

Nene: Mhm…

Cynthia: How’s the pain?

Nene: Better, now that I'm off my feet.

Cynthia: Good to hear. Well, since neither of us can sleep, what do you say to a little girl talk?

Nene: Um… alright…

Cynthia: I'll be blunt: are you on this adventure to find Sarah?

Nene: Huh? Why would you ask that?

Cynthia: It was your idea to return to Ur, right? I agree that Sarah may be back already, but I suspect that you're more worried about Kukurakan.

Nene: Well, I… He’s been through so much…

Cynthia: You like him, don't you? No need to beat around the bush with me.

Nene: W-whoa! This is what you meant by “girl talk?” I'm getting lightheaded…

Cynthia: Sorry. I didn't mean to pry.

Nene: A little late for that… but now it's my turn! You, uh… you like Ganah, right?

Cynthia: That's right.

Nene: And he likes you?

Cynthia: Is that how it looks?

Nene: Well, yeah… I mean, I don't think I've ever seen you two apart.

Cynthia: We may be together for a reason, but we've never asked each other how we felt about it.

Nene: So… why, then? Someone in your castle back home give the order?

Cynthia: No, not exactly… would it be a cop-out to say “it's complicated?”

Nene: Maybe, but that's no reason not to tell each other how you feel.

Cynthia: You may be right, but… there's a time and occasion for everything, and I fear I've missed mine. I'd die of embarrassment if I asked him straight on and got the cold shoulder!

Nene: Guess we’re not so different after all, huh?

Cynthia: Disappointed?

Nene: On the contrary… I feel even closer to you than before.

Cynthia: Funny… I wanted to give you some advice, but it appears that I've gotten the better end of the deal.

Nene: Who knew “girl talk” could be this much fun?

Cynthia: Nene… Don't keep your feelings bottled up inside. Tell him how you feel, while you still have the chance.

Nene: Whoa, whoa, where did that come from?

Cynthia: Good night, Nene.

Nene: R-right. Good night, Cynthia…


(El and Gl come rushing over.)

El: It's a Dark Legion bonanza, guys!

Gl: It's the Generators, dummy!

El: Right! Something big’s going down on the other side of the forest!

Ganah: Just what are they up to…?

(Dark winged silhouettes fly overhead.)

Kukurakan: Look! What is that? A flock of birds…?

Piz’fa: Mite too big fer birds, methinks.

Cynthia: (Did they really come all this way…?)

???: Ganah!

Ganah: Girardi! I'll be… Is that Ukmana, and Runesandt, too? You three sure are a sight for sore eyes!

Ukmana: Cynthia, it's been too long. And who are these little ones?

Cynthia: Nene, Kukurakan, and Piz'fa.

El: Don't forget!

Gl: About us!

Runesandt: Girardi, Ukmana! Sais!

Ganah: Calm down. They're not your typical Sais. These ones are friendly.

Girardi: Pardon me?

Cynthia: We’ll explain later.

Ukmana: Well, it’s good to see some familiar faces. Think we can trouble you for some help against the Dark Legion? We just got back from scouting, and what we found wasn't pretty.

Girardi: If you take care of the forces on the ground, we’ll deal with the ones in the air. After that, let's join up and head for the other side of the forest. They're mustering there in massive numbers.

Ganah: What did you say?!

Cynthia: If we teamed up, their wings could take us over the forest, or even a mountain…

Ganah: You heard the plan. Let's stamp out those Generators with a vengeance!


(After defeating Dark Legion Commander.)

Chapter10 Image6.png

Girardi: Looks like Ganah’s still got it. Should be safe enough to land now.

Ukmana: Guess we owe him for this, huh?

Runesandt: Perhaps, but this particular debt will be repaid with information.

Piz’fa: Yer SURE they're not part bird?

Ganah: Come on!

Nene: Ngh…

Kukurakan: Nene…? Still under the weather?

Nene: S-sorry, Kukurakan…

Kukurakan: Don’t apologize. Here, lean on my shoulder. We’ll go together.

Nene: Thanks…


Girardi: Your help is much appreciated. Scouts like us aren't armed or armored enough to take on a whole horde of Dark Legion footmen.

Ganah: Happy to help. More importantly, what the hell is going on around here?

Ukmana: The Dark Legion had their sights set on Cornelia, and that lot was just the tip of the spear.

Cynthia: Cornelia?! Are you certain?

Runesandt: Based on what we saw in and around their camp, it looks like they're still massing forces for an assault over the mountain.

Kukurakan: Guys, you gotta help me!

Ganah: Not now, Kukurakan. The Forbidden Valley can wa--

Kukurakan: No, not that! It's Nene!

Nene: ……

Cynthia: What's wrong?

Nene: I'm sorry… I'm just… slowing everyone down…

Ganah: Damn, is the poison still running its course? Why didn't you say anything?

Cynthia: Now’s not the time for that, Ganah. She needs a rest, not a rebuke.

(A Dark Legion Generator appears.)

El: Don't look now, but they're back!

Girardi: We’re falling back to the base. You're welcome to join us.

Ganah: Sounds like a plan, but how?

Runesandt: It'll take the last of our reserves, but we should have enough fuel to sustain a platform for you to ride on if we use a three-point formation in flight.

Ukmana: These wings aren't just for show, y’know.

Kukurakan: Please… just save Nene!

Girardi: Let's get started, then. Ukmana, Runesandt!

(The party is lifted on a platform over the Dark Legion army.)

Chapter10 Image7.png

Piz’fa: Jus’ look at all of ‘em down there!

Ganah: I don't believe it… King Kuro himself, flanked by none other than the Royal Guards… They don't intend to leave without bringing Cornelia to its knees.

Kukurakan: Geez… Wait, what's a young girl doing there? Is that…

Chapter10 Image8.png

Kukurakan: No, no, it's not… but…

Kukurakan: Hey! Let me off this thing!

Girardi: I'd rather not land in the heart of the enemy camp, thank you.

Kukurakan: But that girl might know something about Sarah's whereabouts!

Ganah: Kid, she's surrounded by the King’s elite troops. You'd get one syllable out before your head left your shoulders.

Ukmana: Quiet down, already! We can't afford to lose the element of surprise. Bulg would never let us live it down!

Kukurakan: Wait, wait! Let me off, damn you!!