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Characters are the people who you encounter during your journey across Terra. There are two types of characters: story characters and friend avatar characters. Story characters play a role in Story and become available or disappear as you make progress with the plot. Friend avatar characters are characters that can join other Terra Battle 2 players as a guest character and helps them complete their quest.


Each character has a default Guardian assigned to it that cannot be unequipped. The pairing of a character and guardian is considered a Unit. Each Unit can use Equipment in their left and right hands, on their head, and on their body. The character determine the type of wearable Equipment. Each Unit can also equip up to four Companions.

Characters provide the base stats for the Unit:

  • Health Points (HP) - a measure of Unit's health. When a Unit's HP falls to zero, it will be knocked out and unable to participate in battle.
  • Magic Points (MP) - determines how many spells a Unit can cast. When a Unit's MP falls to zero, they may no longer cast any spells.
  • Physical Attack (ATK)
  • Physical Defense (DEF)
  • Magical Attack (MATK)
  • Magical Defense (MDEF)

List of characters[]

Story characters[]

Introduced in Chapter 1:

Introduced in Chapter 3:

Introduced in Chapter 5:

Introduced in Chapter 9:

Introduced in Chapter 10:

Unreleased story characters:

Friend avatars[]

Friend avatars received when starting a new game:

Pre-Registration friend avatar:


Mistwalker has released a few videos to introduce the characters of Terra Battle 2.