Terra Battle 2 Wiki

Buddy Skills are Field Skills that becomes available if certain characters are lined up horizontally or vertically. They can be accessed from the magic menu before initiating a battle just like any other Field Skill.

List of Buddy Skills[]

Skill Description MP Required Characters
Skill icon Bomb.png Triple Trouble Creates three bombs in the battle box. 20 Kit, Khem, Lind
Skill icon ATK Down.png Soft Words, Big Stick Decreases the ATK and DEF of all enemies by 50% for two turns at the start of battle. 20 Nene, Kukurakan
Skill icon 2.png Heart-to-Heart Revives and heals all allies on the field map. 20 Ganah, Cynthia
Skill icon ATK Up.png Just as Planned Increases the ATK and MATK of all allies by 50% for two turn at the start of battle. 25 El, Gl