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Chapter 2: Bahamut Unleashed
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Required character(s) Sarah, Kit, Khem, Lind
Release date September 21, 2017
Synced Play
Guardian level cap 20
Equipment level cap 8
List of chapters

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Bahamut Unleashed is the second chapter in Terra Battle 2 Story.


Recruitable Guardians:

First play field treasures:

Normal replay field treasures:

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Completion Reward:


First play only:


(Three King Orblings appear.)

Chapter2 Image1.png

Khem: Orblings! So many, and big ones, too…

Kit: W-what do we do?!

Lind: This is bad!

Sarah: We need to move forward!

Sarah: Are you here…?

Sarah: Can you hear me...?

???: …

Sarah: No it’s more like… You’re watching us. Isn’t that right, Old Fores?

???: You’re a lively bunch, eh?

Kit: W-who’s that?!

Chapter2 Image2.png

Countless vines emerged from the ground…

Slowly, they crawled along the length of the tree.

It was as if someone was controlling them.

“Old Fores…”

Stirred by Sarah’s call, the vines twisted and turned around the trunk until they formed the shape of a giant, squirming face.

His eyes were gaping holes outlined by vines…

With skin of bark wrinkled by a jovial smile.

The tree, and the face on it, wriggled.

Fores, the Great Spiritwood, was alive,

and his will was in every tree in Terra.

Fores: I thought I told you not to call me “old.” Oh, that’s right… I did, but you never listen.

Sarah: Whatever do you mean? I’ve listened to you prattle on for ages! Now, I take it you’ve figured out what we’re after?

Fores: ...The Guardians.

Sarah: That’s right.

Fores: Even so, you are still inexperienced.

Sarah: I’ll be sixteen in three days, you know. That’s old enough to keep another one of your secrets, isn’t it?

Fores: You’re as stubborn as an ox, girl. Very well… Then let me ask you this: Just what is a Guardian?

Sarah: They are those who come from nothing, yet are something. Who can conquer any obstacle, yet seek none out. Who can overcome any desire, yet want for naught. Who are built for war,

yet keep the peace. … Did I forget anything?

Fores: That about covers it. A Guardian will never tell you what to do, or force you to make a choice. The consequences are yours alone to bear.

Sarah: Look, they’re guardian spirits, right? That’s just what I need. And I mean right now! Can we get on with it already? Unless you wouldn’t mind a certain secret getting out, hmm…?

Fores: Fine, fine… Not even a Guardian could save me from your temper, girl. Now be seated.

Sarah: Make it a memorable one, okay?

Fores: Hark, Guardians of time eternal and souls innumerable! Come forth in the name of Fores the Great Spiritwood and lend this soul your strength and wisdom!

Fores: Sarah, may you find what you seek…

Kit: He’s gone! Could that really have been--

Lind: Fores the Great Spiritwood?!

Khem: Didn’t think he was actually wood…

Kit: That wasn’t like any wood I’ve ever seen. All those vines squirming together, it was creepy, but… somehow, caring…

Sarah: That was Old Fores. Well, a part of him, at least.

Lind: A part?

Sarah: His body, as we think of a body, isn’t here. You see those vines, right? They’re all connected to him.

Khem: Wow… Will it hurt him if we step on one?

Sarah: Well, he’s connected to the vines, but they’re not like our nerves.

Lind: It’s more like they carry his will far and wide, helping him keep watch over the forest and protect us. Right, Sarah?

Sarah: Exactly. I see someone’s been studying!

Kit: Now that you mention it… That’s from the book I lent you, right?

Lind: Yep!

Sarah: ...Was it just my imagination?

Chapter10 Image2.png

Kit: Whoa!!

Khem: Is that… a dragon?

Kit: It’s HUGE!

Sarah: …

Lind: Come on! Let’s grab the Dragon’s Tooth!

Khem: Hold that side down!

Kit: Got it! And… done!

Lind: Alright, here… we… go!

Kit: Whoooaaaa!!

Kit: Sarah?! Why did this--

Lind: It’s moving! Look, Sarah! Is that… e-evil?

Sarah: ……The most evil thing you can think of.

Chapter2 Image4.png

Khem: Let’s get outta here!

Kit: It’s our fault! We asked you to find the Dragon’s Tooth… Now look what’s happened…

Khem: Sarah, we don’t need it! Really! Let’s just go back to the village!

Kit: Oh no… We’re surrounded… If only we hadn’t… We’re so sorry, Sarah!

Sarah: Get back… I’ll take it from here.

Khem: Sarah…?

Sarah: If anyone should apologize, it’s me. I had a feeling… That it would end this way.

Lind: What?

Chapter1 Image4.png

Sarah: Keep this…

Kit: What is it…?

Sarah: Promise, you’ll return it to me one day.

Lind: Return… this? To you? What are you saying?

Sarah: I trust you to keep it safe. You’ll know the right time to use it.

Kit: You’re not making any sense, Sarah!

Sarah: Now, be good and get back. This is goodbye for now.

Lind: No! We can fight, together!

Sarah: Someday, boys… Someday. Until then…

Lind: Sarah--!

Sarah: Take care, you three.

Chapter2 Image5.png

Sarah: You’re beginning to understand, aren’t you?

Sarah: You’re going to die here. With me!

(Bahamut turns to stones and shatters. Sarah dies.)


(Bahamut reappears, and two figures appear before him.)

Chapter2 Image6.png

???: Well, well. It seems that all hope is not lost after all.

???: He cannot be allowed to return… at least not in the way that girl wishes. No… his soul is ours to use as we see fit.

??? (continued): Bahamut… Letting you do as you please will only hinder our plans.

(The two suddenly appear before the triplets.)

Kit: W-who are you? Where’s Sarah?

???: Be silent, insects!

Lind: Wh-wha-!?

(The triplets are turned to stone.)

Chapter2 Image7.png

???: Hmph. Why not just squash them and be done with it?

???: Patience, my dear. Better to keep them trapped here. Come, our business here is concluded. Let us return.

???: And what of Neamelia?

???: Fear not. The preparations are complete.

???: Very well… Then let us begin. The world to which we must return will be ours, starting here!