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Chapter 9: Among the Ancients
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Release date January 30, 2018
Synced Play
Guardian level cap 40
Equipment level cap 28
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Among the Ancients is the ninth chapter in Terra Battle 2 Story.


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Chapter9 Image1.png

Beyond the Thicket of Twisted Tales, the air grew dense with condensation as grassland gave way to marshland.

Otherworldly noises echoed from the farthest reaches of the fetid swamp. Insects chirped, avians squawked, something rustled just out of sight… Around creepy crawlies the size of my hand, I kept eyes and ears open.

This place wasn’t like any marsh I’d ever seen… or for that matter, heard.

First a desert, then a thicket, now a marsh… are we really any closer to Sarah after all this traipsing around?


Ganah: Another earthquake?!

Cynthia: No, it’s more like… a vibration. There’s a distinct two-beat rhythm to it, and it’s getting stronger. That can only mean--

(Ultrasaur appears.)

Chapter9 Image2.png

El: D-d-d-dino-mite!

Gl: Can we fight something that’s our own size, just for once?!

(??? appears.)

???: Gotcha! Eat this!

(??? attacks Ultrasaur with magic.)

???: Whatsa matter? Want more?

(??? attacks again with magic.)

Chapter9 Image3.png

???: Mighta overdone it… LATER!

(??? flees. Ultrasaur chases after ???.)

Ganah: What was that all about…?


Chapter9 Image4.png


Was the right word?

Before us stood what I could only assume to be lizardfolk--as tall as a man, but with entirely different features.

“You seem lost.”

Naturally, the villager who stepped forward was their leader. He had a face etched by decades of hardship, yet still retained a twinkle in his eye. After he spoke, the others drew closer.

“I’ve only read about humans in books. To think I can see one in the flesh…”

“Never expected to meet one of them in my lifetime.”

“Well, they must be pretty strong to have found their way here, at least.”

The lizardfolk eyed us with a mixture of curiosity and amazement.

Ganah approached the elder, and the two exchanged words.

“What is this place?”

“How shall I put it… would you understand if I said it was like the world your ancestors inhabited billions of years ago?”

“Was that ‘billions,’ with a ‘b?’ but that would go all the way back to the age of the dinosaurs…”

“Ah! I see the young lady knows her history. And you two, have you grasped the meaning of my words?”


Judging by El and Gl’s blank stares, the elder already knew the answer to that question.

“In any case, I will keep you no longer. Do be careful not to get lost in this marsh. Our adventure ends here, but I reckon yours still has quite a ways to go.”

As the elder turned and left, the others followed suit, and soon it was as if we had never even met.

Ganah: Damn. I had hoped to at least gain some actionable intel from him…

Kukurakan: I say we keep going. There’s plenty more marsh to explore.

Ganah: No point in staying if they don’t want to talk. Just keep your eyes and ears open. Anything could be lurking in this mire.


???: Hey, wait up!

(??? approaches the party.)

Ganah: The kid again?

???: I ain’t a kid, chump! I’m Piz’faAAA--

???: T-tyr… tyr…

(Piz’fa trembles and backs up.)

Ganah: What’s gotten him so worked up?

(Tyrano appears.)

Nene: WAHHH!!!


(After defeating Tyrano.)

El: We did it…? We did it!

???: Not bad fer newbies. What’re you doin’ out here, anyways?

Ganah: Taking you back to your village, for starters. This is no place for a kid.

???: That dino scare tha sense outta ya? Gonna take a lot more than that ta frighten tha likes’a ME!

Cynthia: Ganah… I dare say that this “kid” just saved our hides. Thank you for your aid, young mage.

???: Oh, uh… yeah, sure. Was nothin’, really. Look, there are even bigger baddies out there, so ya’d better lay low, ya hear?

???: But what am I sayin’? Ya didn’t come here ta get all friendly with the lizard-folk, didja? Ya jus’ wanna know that fastest way outta here, eh, old man?

Ganah: ……

Cynthia: He’s talking about you, dear.

Ganah: ...Wait, what?! I’m not old! I haven’t even had a midlife crisis yet!

???: Here’s a tip fer tha geezer: up ahead, there’s a jet-black orb’a light, and--

Kukurakan: Wait, how can light be black?

???: I ain’t talkin’ ta the pipsqueak! Look… it’d take all day ta explain everythin’. Jus’ follow me. Archmagus Piz’fa here ta lead the way’n save tha day!

(Piz’fa runs ahead.)


(Ultrasaur appears.)

Chapter9 Image2.png

El: D-d-d-dino-thrice!

Piz’fa: Geez… These dinos really know how ta crash a party.


(After defeating Ultrasaur.)

Piz’fa: Oof… that one smarts…

Nene: Should we rest for a bit?

Piz’fa: Nah, jus’ need enuff saliva ta hock up a good loogie… PTOOEY! See? Rub it in nice and deep, and…

(Piz’fa heals himself.)

Kukurakan: No way… the wound closed!

Piz’fa: That a scratch on yer cheek? C’mere, I’ll fix ya up in a jiffy.

(Piz’fa approaches Nene. Nene recoils back.)

Nene: No, no, it’s fine! Really!

Piz’fa: Tch… suit yerself. Jus’ holler if ya change yer mind. C’mon, not far now.

(Piz’fa leaves the party in the dust again.)


(The party approaches the orb.)

Kukurakan: Everyone, look!

Kukurakan: Is that the orb?

Piz’fa: Orb, ball, sphere, whatever ya wanna call it. See? Jet-black, jus’ like I said.

El: No. It’s darker than black.

Gl: Not bright at all.

El: Gl… this gravitational field…

Gl: Mhm. A way out, maybe?

Nene: Hey, Kukurakan… any idea what those two are talking about?

Kukurakan: Not a clue. Sometimes they talk as if they’re off in their own little world…

Piz’fa: Awright, time fer this star ta shine! Fell. My. POWAAAAH!

(Piz’fa shoots magic at the orb.)

Kukurakan: Did that… do anything?

Nene: Um… Piz’fa, what’s your plan?

Piz’fa: Hear. Me. ROOARR!! Respect. My. AUTHORITAAAHH!!!

(Piz’fa shoots more magic at the orb.)

Ganah: Hmm… doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results… what’s that called, again?

Piz’fa: Tch… doubt me if ya want, but I know what I read. The village’s manuscript was crystal-clear: this here orb can connect ta other worlds. Even yers!

Cynthia: That’s quite the revelation. Tell me, exactly what did this manuscript say?

Piz’fa: Minor details ain’t what matter, lady! We ain’t gettin’ anywhere unless this stupid orb starts hummin’... and fer that, it needs a ton’a magical juice!

Piz’fa: (Yeesh, these humans sure love ta ask questions. So what if tha manuscript said, “Keep away from tha Beyond at all costs?” So what if a buncha other villagers have disappeared? Don’t change tha fact that I gotta get there!)

Piz’fa: Awright! Next stop, yer world! Here. We. GOOOOO!!!

(Piz’fa shoots more magic yet again.)

Piz’fa: Rgh, what’s tha deal with this thing?! It’s gotta work, it’s jus’ gotta! Lend me yer strength, A’misandt!

Chapter9 Image5.png


I know yer out there somewhere.

The villagers may have given up hope of findin’ ya, but I never will. Mark my words, I never will!

They say a search of the dinosaur nest turned up a whole lotta nothin’. Not even a trace of yer gear… but ya know what? That’s a good thing. Means ya got away unscathed.

These guys, they’re a sign… timin’ can’t be a coincidence. Buncha wanderers show up right after ya disappear… ya want me ta follow ‘em, don’t ya?

I get it. Jus’ sit tight, A’misandt…

Big brother’s on tha way.


(Piz’fa shoots more magic. The orb turns blue.)

Chapter9 Image6.png

Piz’fa: Yeah, yeah! Now THAT’S more like it!

Ganah: Is this our ticket home? (What do you think, Ganah?)

Piz’fa: Bingo! Y’know, yer lucky ta have an Archmagus on yer side. Ain’t nothin’ that Piz’fa the Phenomenal can’t do!